June 2002
BolognaFiere and Autostrade S.p.A. present a Project Financing plan in compliance with the art.37 bis of Law 109/4 and simile, related to the planning, realization and management of a multi-storey car park in the Michelino area, that falls within the management of pay car park in Bologna's Fair District.
The main features of the plan were: the need for development of the Michelino parking lot, with a view to the realisation of the new tollgate called "Fiera" as well as the Metro line; the demand for improvement of the accessibility to the Fair of Bologna; a reduction in the traffic congestion in the area surrounding the Fair district.

July 2004
The Municipality of Bologna declares the proposal presented by BolognaFiere and Autostrade S.p.A. of public interest and approves the preliminary project.

November 2005
A public bidding is called for the assignment of the concession in which the initial promoters, BolognaFiere and Autostrade participate, combined in an A.T.I with Adanti S.p.A., Construction Co-operative Consortium, L'Operosa Co-operative Company Ltd., Saba Italy S.p.A.

March 2006
The Municipality of Bologna grants the promoter with the planning, construction and management of the multi-storey public car park in the area of Michelino within the management of pay car park in Fair district.

August 2006
An agreement is contracted between the Municipality of Bologna and the Temporary Business Association which is appointed for the concession.

December 2006
The project company Bologna & Fiera Parking S.p.A. is born and according to the art.37 quinquies Law 109/1994 takes over the agreement with the Municipality of Bologna, instead of ATI.

July 2007
According to what was established by the above mentioned agreement, the management of the parking in the Trade Fair district is entrusted to Bologna & Fiera Parking.

September 2008
We conclude the construction of the first batch of public multi-storey car park, which is activated during the event Cersaie.

September 2009
Completes the construction of the parking lot that will be opened and that finally becomes operational.

April 2010
Technology Telepass arrives in multi-storey public car park, making it the first Italian car park with gate access Telepass. Technology advances and parking becomes the "pioneer" in the rest of the world.

December 2010
Bologna & Fiera Parking spa in collaboration with Autostrade SpA in Italy, introduced the project the carpooling in car parking Michelino and car parking Constitution Square. The stop becomes more and more just a click away.

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