The company Bologna & Fiera Parking and its operators manage various parking areas in the Fair district, as it is defined by the agreement with the Municipality of Bologna.

All areas are found within short distance from the fair entrances and they are easily reached, both by the urban traffic flow and that of the motorway and ring road. A park and ride scheme is activated for the parking lots that are situated further away from the Fair and it's at the visitors' and exhibitors' disposal free of charge.

The handling and control of these areas is entirely conducted by the authorised operators of Bologna & Fiera Parking, who are easily identified by their blue uniform, which carries the company's name and logo.

There are two ways in which customers can pay for parking:

  • At the automatic and manual pay machines
  • To the authorised operators provided with PDA equipment for vehicle registration and release of receipt

Parking areas handled by Bologna & Fiera Parking
P0 Michelino P5 Dozza
P0M Michelino Multipiano P6 Operatori Commerciali
P1 Valla P7 Manifattura Tabacchi
P3 Maserati P8 Parco Nord
P4 Costituzione P9 Romita

In order to consult the detailed plan of the parking areas you can download the Pdf file


On the occasion of fair events there are the following one-price daily fares.

Parking Michelino Parking Costituzione Other Parking
€ 20,00 € 20,00 € 20,00
All rates are inclusive of VAT Law.
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